RIEC ~ Special Awards

 High Point Rider Award
This award is presented to the rider who receives the highest score for a single round throughout the entire show.
Sponsored by Arlene Davis & Mariel Saccucci

Past Winners:
2007 - Dylan Spets
2008 - Lauren Duffee
2009 - Adeline Audette
2010 - Haley White
2011 - Mariel Saccucci
2012 - Mariel Saccucci
2013 - Alex Indeglia
2014 - Julie Letourneau
2015 - Catherine Gregory
2016 - Sydney North
2017 - Lauren Henry
2018 - Morgan Budovsky
2019 - Penelope Burnham
2021 - Zoe Duncan

 The Joseph Ferrucci Memorial High Point Trainer Award
This award is presented to the trainer whose riders receive the most points in all of the classes during the day.
Sponsored by Heritage Equestrian Center & Mark DeBlasio

Past Winners:
2006 - Jay Sargent
2007 - Dawn Dorrance
2008 - Regan Duffee
2009 - Armand Chenelle
2010 - Jay Sargent & Kathy Fletcher
2011 - Dina Patnaud
2012 - Dawn Dorrance
2013 - Bob Graham
2014 - Bob Graham
2015 - Annie Dotoli
2016 - Annie Dotoli
2017 - Wendy Brayman
2018 - Kathy Fletcher
2019 - Annie Dotoli
2021 - Annie Dotoli

 The David Charette Memorial Sportsmanship Award
A dictionary definition of "sportsmanship" maintains it is the character, practice, or skill of a sportsman. A thesaurus compares sportsmanship to fairness, honor, gamesmanship, and one having principles of a cheerful loser or a worthy blue ribbon winner. This sportsmanship award would recognize the person who is the embodiment of true sportsmanship.
Sponsored by Mary & Deborah Charette

These principles do not apply only to riders. Grooms, trainers, parents, family members, siblings and friends all play vital roles in the life of a competitor. Please email Mary Charette at JUMPMUD@aol.com with the name of a person that you would like to nominate, along with a paragraph stating why you think that person is a true sportsman.

This award will be presented at the RI Equitation Championships. The winner will be presented with a gift certificate to Weathervane Tack Shop and their name engraved on a Perpetual Trophy.

Past Winners:
2009 - Debra McManus
2010 - Ron Clohecy
2011 - Mary Beth Hendrick
2012 - Arlene Davis
2013 - Michael Janson & Ashley McDonald
2014 - Michael Lombardi
2015 - Jamie Cohen
2016 - Chris Lebo
2017 - Amber Viera
2018 - Jackie Walker

 The Peter Kagan Award
This award is presented to an equitation horse that has demonstrated commitment, athleticism, heart and longevity in the sport; a horse that returns year after year to qualify and compete in the RI Finals regardless of who the rider or owner is.
Sponsored by Ashley McDonald & Dapper Dan Farm

Every year, competitors, trainers, owners, parents or anyone who knows a horse that deserves to be acknowledged can submit (in writing) their nomination describing why the horse (or pony) deserves this award. The top nominations will be chosen by the sponsor and submitted to the RIEC Board of Directors. The Board will then choose the winner. The horse must be present at the show to receive the award. Submit nominations to amm816@verizon.net.

Past Winners:
2013 - Apache
2014 - Mr. Carlos
2015 - Brilliant Design
2016 - Jondolar De Montleon
2017 - Sir Gallahad
2018 - Off Broadway
2019 - Cherish
2021 - Neiko

 The RIEC Lifetime Achievement Award
This award is presented to a very special person that has had a tremendous impact on the RI horse show community and the RI Finals in particular throughout their life as a horseperson.
Sponsored by the RIEC Committee

Past Winners:
2013 - Beverly Gifford Vars
2014 - Jay Sargent & Amy Eidson
2015 - Diane McDonald
2016 - Deborah Charette
2017 - Mary Beth Hendrick Tocco
2018 - Bethany Benson

 The RIEC Judge's Choice Best Horse Award
This award is presented to the horse that the judges feel is the "best horse." The criteria for selection is entirely at the discretion of the judges. A Best Horse Award will be given for horses jumping at 3' and a second award for horses jumping at 2'6".
Sponsored by the RIEC Committee

Past Winners:
2015 - Ronaldo (3') & Off Broadway (2'6")
2016 - Galliard (3') & Moose Trax (2'6")
2017 - Quekel (3') & Sir Gallahad (2'6")
2018 - Cormack (3') & Commitment (2'6")
2019 - Pocage Marbelsien (3') & Quetzal de Razel (2'6")
2021 - MTM Blueberry (3') $ VDL White Chocolate (2'6")

 The RIHA 40th Anniversary Mason Phelps Master's Class
Held in 2021,the Mason Phelps Masters Class was a special alumni class, open only to past Champion and Reserve Champion winners of the RI Finals, whether professional or still amateur!
The winners of this very special class were:
1- Penelope Burnham
2- Alanna Murray
3- Abigail Hopkins